Excellent Performance Award of M&H Investment Company Limited in 2023

In a solemn and cozy atmosphere, on January 26, 2024, M&H Investment Co., Ltd. held a wonderful ceremony to honor the best employees in 2023. This event is not only an opportunity to honor the successes achieved, but also a strong source of encouragement for the Company’s staff to continue to conquer new challenges.

Ms Nguyễn Diệu Nga – HR Director of SBS – Opening speech for the commendation program honoring outstanding employees of the year 2023.

At the ceremony, Mr Nguyen Minh Hung – the CEO of M&H Company shared his appreciation for all employees – valuable assets, which have made M&H successful, especially, the drivers and attendants play the most important role in ensuring safety on every trip and successful customer experience.

Công ty TNHH Đầu Tư M&H (SBS) Vinh Danh Khen thưởng Nhân viên xuất sắc năm 2023
CEO Nguyen Minh Hung’s speech at the commendation ceremony for employees with outstanding achievements in 2023

The awards are not only a personal honor but also a commitment and encouragement for all employees of the Company to continue to successfully complete the goals in 2024. The decisions, certificates of merit, letters of thanks and especially special gifts engraved with the logo of M&H Company are not only symbols of efforts and success of individuals but also images of strong solidarity.

Công ty TNHH Đầu Tư M&H (SBS) Vinh Danh Khen thưởng Nhân viên xuất sắc năm 2023
Mr. Pierson Alain – Director of SBS Operations Center, expresses gratitude to all employees for their efforts throughout the year 2023.

Mr. Pierson Alain – Director of Operation Center also expressed his deep thanks to his employees for the success of the Company during the past one year and Mr. Shuhei Ueno – Business Development Director also sent his congratulations to the Operation Center:  “Operation Day” with the successes and efforts of the Operations Center members throughout a challenging and turbulent 2023. Absolutely, the drivers and attendants of the Operation Center are the core force of the Company and SBS would like to thank the staff (SBSers), the talents in the Company, who are a constant source of encouragement for M&H to face new challenges and achieve big goals in the future.

The CEO and the Chairman of the SBS Labor Union honor and award outstanding employees for their achievements in 2023
Mr Trần Văn Hiếu – Driver – Operation Center
Mr Nguyễn Minh Vũ – Driver – Operation Center
Mr Võ Anh Tuấn – Driver – Operation Center
Ms Nguyễn Thị Thúy Ngân – Bus Monitor – Operation Center
Mr Nguyễn Cao Đẳng – Driver – SBS Ha Noi Branch

Thank you and congratulations to all the outstanding M&H drivers and supervisors!

“M&H honors commendation

Outstanding employees of the past year

Management recognizes achievements

Awarding certificates and commemorative rings

The effort deserves glory

Trust that keep moving forward

Develop with the Company

More sustained success in the future!”