SBS Safety Day

Are you ready to become the Master of SBS Safety Day????? Let’s join SBS SAFETY SKILLS COURSE ON BUS!!!

To help solving the concerns of parents and teachers about the risks of taking bus to school. In January 2021, SBS successfully held many training sessions to educate students at Duras Marguerite School about considerations when taking bus such as:

– What student should do and must not do.

– Check in / Check out process.

The course took only 2 weeks but it was carefully prepared by a team of dedicated staffs. The lecture was well designed with tools and equipment suitable for the content of the course, including:

– 25 training sessions

– 49 classes.

– 1200 students with ages from 3 – 17 years old.

– 20 teachers.

– 100% of participants wore masks during the training course.

– Providing masks for students who forgot to bring.

– Mémo sécurite bus flyer

SBS Safety Day

SBS Safety Day

During the training session, students and SBS team discussed up to 150 questions about the rules, problems and risks when taking bus.
Specialized tools were used for the training session.

Spending a short period of time but being able to fully equipped necessary knowledge and skills to help students feel confident; parents and teachers are secure when their children on the way to school, why not??
Now, take a look at some pictures of SBS Safety Day and let SBS create more faith to wing your children’s dreams.