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When it comes to car rental, many people immediately think of travel. But in fact, car rental services have been more diverse. The most typical is a monthly car rental that allows users to flexibly move among locations, and numerous advantages as follows:

Time and Cost Savings

For those who need to move frequently among locations, renting a monthly car is more cost-effective than a daily car. In addition, you do not need to worry about maintenance costs, annual insurance, and other expenses because this is handled by the suppliers.

If you are in need of Car Rental service, Don't Miss This Post!

Free choice

When you rent a car, you absolutely could freely choose between renting a car with a driver or not. With a driver, you will be guaranteed a smooth and safe journey by dedicated, experienced drivers. If you prefer private space, you can also choose to rent a self-drive car.

Clear Terms and Agreement

When you rent a car from reputable brands, all terms and conditions will be clearly stated in the contract. That ensures transparency and avoids unwanted disputes. Therefore, you should read carefully and valid agreements before signing the contract to have a smooth rental experience.

Explore SBS Car Rental Service

SBS is one of the reputable car rental units, especially in Ho Chi Minh City with the trust and cooperation from big brands such as Intel, Henkel, Toshiba, Aeon, International schools, etc. … We provide a variety of well-equipped vehicles including: 4-seats; 7-seats ; 16-seats ; 29-seats; 45-seats vehicles. Customers can choose a vehicle with an affordable price towards personal needs. 

Above is all the information about the monthly car rental service that you can refer to. If you are in need of monthly car rental, please contact SBS immediately via information below for advice.

If you are in need of Car Rental service, Don't Miss This Post! If you are in need of Car Rental service, Don't Miss This Post!

SBS Car Rental Service :

Booking Car Rental Service/Booking Car Rental Service : Hotline: 0931 001 011

Service suggestions/Feedback Service: Hotline: 0931 026 026

Email: sbsbus@mhcorp.vn