Logo and Tagline

The first essential detail on SBS buses is the distinctive logo and tagline. Beyond brand promotion, it serves the primary purpose of aiding parents in easily identifying that their children are being transported by SBS.

“Children on Board” Sign

Placed at the rear of the bus, the “Students on Board” sign signals other vehicles to yield, ensuring students are prioritized and kept safe.


Most SBS buses are equipped with two-point safety belts. These belts cross over the student’s hips to prevent them from falling forward in the event of sudden braking.


Sturdy seats ensure comfort for students after a taxing day of learning.

Air Conditioning

A comfortable space with cool air helps students stay alert throughout the journey. Therefore, well-functioning air conditioning is a standard in SBS buses.

Medication Kit

Due to the continuous movement of buses and the sudden onset of health issues, SBS buses are equipped with first aid kits to handle unexpected emergencies like stomachaches, motion sickness, dizziness, nausea, or even difficulty breathing.

Safety jacket

Reflective vests with special reflective elements serve as signals in low-light conditions, attracting attention and aid from other vehicles in case of emergencies.

Warning Triangle

SBS buses are mandated to carry warning triangles to indicate danger when stopped or broken down in low-light conditions, ensuring recognition and timely avoidance by other road users.

Fire Extinguisher

In addition to having an adequate number of fire extinguishers on board, SBS regularly undergoes inspections to ensure their proper functioning in case of a fire emergency.

Emergency Hammer

Although not frequently used, the emergency hammer is a crucial part of SBS bus safety equipment, enhancing the ability to escape from emergency situations.
SBS – Where every detail is meticulously cared for, providing a safe and enjoyable school journey!